Getting that perfect shot doesn't have to be complicated.... but it does take passion, focus, and the right tools. One essential tool for amateur or professional photographers is a camera and laptop messenger bag. Whether you are taking a morning hike or are in the middle of an exciting trip across the country, you need your photography equipment to stay safe and organized. Cam Bag's Sahara Series makes that possible. We offer the perfect camera and laptop bag solutions for photography lovers.

Our unique laptop messenger bags stand out from the rest. It isn't enough to keep your photography essentials by your side. They need to be protected and secure every step of the way. That is why our Sahara Series focuses on proving you with both safety and functionality. Each bag is specially designed to hold everything you need. From your 13.3" laptop to your SLR camera, 3-4 extra camera lenses and your flash, it has never been easier to take great pictures on the go.

Want to hold more of your must haves? The Sahara stylish laptop messenger bags expand to fit your needs! For additional space, all you need to do is remove the camera pod. That's right - the included camera pod can be kept inside the laptop bag or removed to provide you with even more room. The main compartment can then be used to store personal items, books, food, or water. There are also three front pockets, a pocket for an MP3 player, and more. Each camera and laptop messenger bag also comes with a removable insert. This makes it possible to expand or tighten the bag as needed.

Sahara 113F Camera & Laptop Bag for 13' Laptops
Storage options are always a good thing. This is especially true when it comes to your photography gear. Select the Sahara 113F Lightweight Camera & Laptop Messenger Bag Black from Cam Bag.
Sahara 115F Expandable Laptop And Camera Bag
The Sahara 115F Laptop & DSLR Messenger (Expandable) Bag Black
Sahara 217F Camera & Laptop Bag
Expand your horizons with an expandable laptop DSLR messenger bag from Cam Bag. Our Sahara 217F Camera & 17 Laptop Messenger Bag bag from the Sahara Series provides storage solutions for photographers.