Military Ops

Give your photography gear the protection it needs. Shield and conceal your valuable photography equipment by sporting one of the military hiking backpacks from Cam Bag's Military Ops Series. There is nothing more important than keeping your essential items safe and secure. That is why we offer a range of military inspired pieces. Each design features military laptop bags that appear to be normal on the outside - but come with hidden back access to your camera bag.

Security is always important. It doesn't matter if you are taking a hike in the great outdoors or are walking through the bustling city. You still need to keep your precious equipment on hand - but safely hidden away. Our military laptop backpacks make that a reality. Whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional, the same is true: you have invested your money in the best DSLR camera, top quality lenses, and other photography accessories. Keep them safe by making the most of the security features available from our Military Ops Series.

The Military Ops Series is specifically designed for photographers, students, and travellers. Thanks to its multitude of storage space, security features, and travel friendly size, there are many ways for you to use this versatile laptop and camera backpack. Whether you love to take outdoor photos or just want to get out there and see the world, you can do it safely with your Military Ops bag in tow.

Alpha-L Military OPS Backpack Camera Bag
Take your photography to the next level and get the The Alpha-L Camera & 17" Laptop Black today! We offer high-quality military hiking backpack options to photographers, students, and travel lovers.
Alpha-L Military OPS Backpack Camera Bag
Give yourself the gift of strength and protection. Make sure your valuable camera equipment is always safe from harm by using the Alpha-L Camera & 17" Laptop Grey from Cam Bag's Military Ops Series.